My paintings and prints show contemporary genre scenes. I paint the world around me and those that I love as they go about their daily lives. Changing social dynamics, the evolution and demise of traditions, consumer culture, and reinterpretations of ideas about gender, family, ethnicity, and age appropriateness (specific to my generation and American perspective) are dialogues that permeate each painting.

        My goal is to open a dialogue about how we care for, and why we interact with each other in the way that we do.

        These are the moments that draw us to one another.  They are about affection.

        The process of painting is appropriate because it let’s me spend time recreating, and in a sense prolonging, the moments I choose to represent. These paintings are all done from photographic reference and often embrace the unique lighting of snapshot photography and emphasize the flattening of space. The scenes are ambiguous enough to let the viewer participate in the construction of the depicted event and in the creation of the identities of the participating figures--leaving my audience feeling a part of the moment as they choose to define it.